Best music video ever made?

So my favorite music video ever made is still “Luv Deluxe – Cinnamon Chaser”. However, I saw this one the other day and it’s definitely a close second.… Continue Story

A little more simple.

Out of all the places I traveled in the world, I have never met such a good friend as the man on the right (Thanzil.) He showed me around his city, brought me into his home, and introduced me to his family.… Continue Story

Quite An After Life: Japan

While in Japan, I traveled deep into the mountains to Mount Koya (4 hours outside of Kyoto). In these mountains, Buddhists spend their entire lives learning, practicing, and teaching.… Continue Story

Alanis and I.

Alana and I jumping off the world’s highest bungee bridge in South Africa. 216 meters (708 feet).


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